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Variedades El arroz rojo no es ningún invento ni debe su color a ningún tinte o proceso químico, sino que es una variedad de arroz como cualquier otra, con sus propiedades y beneficios Elaborar postres con licor no es nada nuevo, aunque cuando preparamos dulces se nos suele olvidar que un toque de bebida espirituosa puede ensalzar el sabor y llevar el postre a la perfección.

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Visitors to the 4WD accessible beaches just north of Carova may experience a truly remarkable encounter with the area's oldest and most beloved residents, the Wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs.

Stranded on the Outer Banks for centuries, but still enjoying the laid-back beach lifestyle, these feral and wild creatures are tolerant of the visitors who visit their beaches for the warm sun, cool waves, and miles of space.

Mr O’Leary told ITV1’s How To Beat The Budget Airlines that safety testing would begin next year, when a £1 charge to use toilets will be introduced. Ryanair hopes to phase in the perches on commuter flights of up to an hour long before expanding them to all aircraft.

Aviation law states that people have to have a seat belt on for take-off, landing and turbulence.

On that occasion, Ryanair later dismissed the idea as ‘a joke’.

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A final decision on whether the perches meet the rules would rest with the European Aviation Safety Agency based in Cologne, Germany.

But last night it dismissed the Ryanair plan as a stunt.

‘Stand-up seating would require changes to European rules for the certification of aircraft.

‘The current rules determine that each passenger has to be provided with “a seat or, if they are immobile, a berth”.

This is neither.’ The publicity has certainly succeeded in distracting attention from Ryanair’s controversial introduction yesterday of ‘big baggage’ charge rises.

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