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In 1978, one year before Iranian militants would storm the US Embassy, 17-year-old Bahram Akradi immigrated to the US, joining his brother in Colorado.

I was told that fights were breaking out over people watching the news while working out.

My response would be to kick people out if they can’t grow up.

This new policy is grading on us and becomes more of an irritant each day.

Which made it even worse is the fact it on three different occasions I’ve gone upstairs to the cardio room and found one TV turn tuned in to CNN.

First, I was told that prizes were given based on the number of time you registered online, which was not part of the event rules.

But reserving a bike is not an indication of who actually showed up and rode. Even at such, I would have beat out others who received prizes. The rule was that each time you road, you were to mark it on the chalk board in the cycle room.

What’s making this situation untenable for us are four things really: first on three different occasions since the “ban” I’ve gone upstairs to do cardio and found one TV turn to CNN.

This is aggravating as CNN is not my preferred cable news channel. I spend all of my days with one Ear tuned to national, real time news.

If your corporate leaders are hell-bent on removing political content for “health reasons” then you will need to remove ESPN, ABC and any other network programming that contains political opinion.

This will need to include major award shows as well as they too, sadly, have become politicized.

By 1986, Akradi decided to create his own health club.


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