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However, other opposition parties argued that the government should complete its five-year term to be ended anytime after March next year.

The government led by the PML-N survived a couple of severe crises including the cases against their party president, a three-times elected prime minister of Pakistan.

Senator Mushahidullah Khan, Minister for Climate Change, said that the announcement of the election date is very encouraging for the political system as well as for political workers.

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This time around, however, the PTI, the ruling party of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is likely to give them a tough time due to its popularity among young and progressive voters.

Lawmakers belonging to opposition parties believe that there is no threat to the democratic system and that the system should continue without any intervention by holding the timely elections.

Although the ruling party quickly resolved the crisis that gripped the country after the apex court's decision, some problems still remain as Sharif along with some of his family members are still facing cases in anti-corruption courts.

But the PML-N still remains popular in some parts of the country.

Sharif told his supporters in the eastern city of Lahore this week that his party will "achieve an historic win" in the parliamentary election, asking party activists to focus on the coming elections.

Meanwhile, PML-N leaders also announced that Sharif will lead the party's election campaign despite his disqualification from holding any public office.The current French political system of the Fifth Republic is a hybrid presidential/parliamentary system with a President (François Hollande) who is head of state, sharing power with a Prime Minister (Jean-Marc Ayrault) who is the head of government.Parliament is made up of the National Assembly (the lower house) which sits in the Palais Bourbon with 577 députés elected from single member constituency in a two-rounds system.There is a multi-party system with a great many different political parties – many more than in either the US or UK.Politicians from parties on the Right may hold views more in line with parties of the Left in other countries."The disqualification of Nawaz Sharif could not affect the popularity of the leader of PML-N.


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