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Dating seaoflove

Frank has dinner with several women, while Sherman — posing as a waiter — puts their glasses into evidence bags. He has a chance to obtain Helen's fingerprints on a glass but decides to wipe the glass clean.

One woman, divorcee Helen Cruger, shows no interest in Frank and leaves without taking a drink, so Frank is unable to get her fingerprints. Frank takes her to his place, against his better judgment and a warning from Sherman not to do so. Their relationship becomes strained when she discovers that he is a cop.

Sea of Love is a 1989 American thriller film directed by Harold Becker, written by Richard Price, and starring Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin and John Goodman.

The story concerns a New York City detective trying to catch a serial killer who finds victims through the singles column in a newspaper.

At gunpoint, he makes Frank lie on his bed and show how he made love to Helen, just as he had done to his other victims before murdering them.

Frank manages to overpower Terry and tries to call the police, but Terry lunges at him and, in the ensuing struggle, Frank throws Terry through the bedroom window to his death.

Frank bumps into her again at a market, but this time she is more friendly. They start getting passionate, but Frank panics after finding a gun in her purse and treats her roughly. One night when he is drunk, he nearly gives away the fact that Helen was involved in a sting.

He starts to confess his feelings for her, but then discovers that she responded to each of the victims' ads.

Harold Becker, a hot-cold kind of director (City Hall, Malice), composes a really good script from Richard Price (central theme: loneliness; secondary theme: the perils of sex) into an edgy game.

Will Frank’s jovial partner John Goodman talk sense into him before the worst happens? Can their relationship survive all this suspicion, anyway?

Detective Frank Keller is a good fit for Pacino, or it could just be how skilfully the actor moulds him into a genuine human being: he’s a loner, trying to keep the bitterness at bay, hunkered down in his job, the only place his instincts can live.

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