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And so, because it'd be faster and more interesting and also because I don't remember exactly what was said, I give you HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN AT MIT IN 15 MINUTES! DOUG LIMAN: Hello, my name is Doug Liman and this is my movie. CLIP 1: (DAVEY, the movie's main character, discovers he can teleport. DL: And this clip is why I fell in love with the movie. Lots of money.) DL: And this clip is where we see Hayden. But I'm going to do it with a power point that isn't always grammatically correct, and features a lot of pictures of Hayden Christensen in various poses. Posted by: Akshay on January 17, 2008 For a profile shot of Hayden click here For a horrible picture of the otherwise really intelligent and funny director click here You did an incredible job with the transcript.(and pictures.) LSC GUY: Hello, and on behalf of LSC, thank you for coming to this free screening of Jumper! These clips are from a week ago, which is like a year in Hollywood time, so it's like going back in time for me. MT: You would never be able to do what Eddy said, because there would be a LOT of energy required. It was just such a funny/ awkward/ amazingly cool event...

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Tonight LSC hosted a pretty exciting event - a screening of a few selections from the upcoming movie "Jumper", as well as a discussion panel including Hayden Christensen, director Doug Liman (who also directed "Mr. Smith" and "The Bourne Identity" trilogy), and MIT physics professors Edward Farhi and Max Tegmark. DL: And this is the clip where we see another one of the jumpers, who is played by Jamie Bell. (This explanation brought to you with major help from The Angela Monster.) HC and DL: K. How much effort do you put in trying to stay true to real-world science? Like I talked to a real world assassin when I was doing the Bourne movies. EF: Actually, I have a question for you guys (Liman and Hayden Christensen). AUDIENCE and HC: HAHAHHA MALE MIT STUDENT 2: Like, were you expecting just normal kids, or did you think we'd be like (nerd voice) "huhhh, flux capacitors"? I guess I wasn't expecting you guys to be such a lively group.. PANEL: Other various physics and/or film related answers! My best friend is recently single; would you ever consider dating an MIT girl? And also, learn the mechanics behind quantum teleportation. "LSC GUY: Talking about the physics of teleportation tonight - Professor Edward Farhi! (more cheering and applause than for HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN)" i bet that happens only at MIT and Jess that is one amazing picture of the top of hayden's head! (the picture and the head ) Posted by: Aditi on January 17, 2008 A very nice entry. You made it really come alive and it was like I was there witnessing the event.

It's not every day that we get former Darth Vaders up on the stage at 26-100, so there was a pretty sizable crowd lining up all the way out to the building 56 Athena cluster, including local press and MIT alums. HALF OF THE AUDIENCE: Hey, wasn't he Billy Elliott? DL: Some of you thought you were going to come see the whole movie tonight, but we actually just finished it last night, so uh, sorry, that's pretty much it. MAX TEGMARK: So now I'm going to talk a little more about classical teleportation - which isn't necessarily teleportation, per se, but is more like transporting someone from point A to B very quickly. I try to still think of the science of my movies, you know, like, if Hayden's sitting over here, and you teleport him, the air should like collapse in, so much so that there might be condensation created.. What do you think we, as scientists, can do for Hollywood? And hey the MIT Professors ARE greater than Hayden Christensen.

=) Posted by: Hawkins on January 17, 2008 This was way better than actually being there would have been.

Hayden Christensen made headlines in the spring of 2000, when director George Lucas announced that the 19-year-old actor would play the much-coveted role of Anakin Skywalker in Episode II and Episode III of the venerable Star Wars franchise.

EF: So you take an entangled pair of electrons, put each one at point A and point B, and put the electron you want to teleport at point A.

LSC GUY: Talking about the physics of teleportation tonight - Professor Edward Farhi! (more cheering and applause than for HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN) LSC GUY: And Professor Max Tegmark! (more cheering and applause than for HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN) EDWARD FARHI: Hey, this is like teaching 8.01 all over again. But in order to do that, I have to teach you quantum mechanics. SOME FRESHMAN COURSE 8 MAJOR: Oh good, so I don't have to take 8.05 now.

"Jumper," which also costars Diane Lane and Samuel L. It wouldn't be "honest" if characters actually used thier unique abilities to help other people?

@Jess - This event sounds pretty cool, but I think HC should have been asking for YOUR autograph. But noooooooo, I was one of the 50-odd kids left out in the cold with a ticket but no entry because apparently LSC can't count!!!!!!

The film grossed more than 300 million dollars stateside, but sharp opinions on the movie's script did little to help Christensen's career.


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