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The NRA allowed Torshin to share a table with Donald Trump, Jr. That access must have been nice for Torshin, but nicer still was seeing an organization with the influence and bankroll of the NRA endorsing the man who Russia marked to be president of the United States.Neither party was assured of ultimate victory in the general election, but certainly they were stronger working together.“Within the hierarchical structure of the organization, it’s known that Russian politician Alexander Porfirievich Torshin stands above Taganskaya leader in Spain, Alexander Romanov, who calls him ‘godfather’ or ‘boss’ and conducts ‘activities and investments’ on his behalf,” the Spanish Civil Guard concluded.

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At other times, however, Butina has described herself as a Siberian furniture store owner, a “representative of the Russian Federation,” a graduate student in Washington, D.

C., a journalist, and a liaison between the Trump transition team/administration and Russia.

He was also known to have ties to the Federal Security Service, the Russian intelligence agency formerly known as the KGB.

Torshin’s ties to organized crime are also well documented.

Just weeks later, in April 2014, Torshin attended his second NRA annual meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana with Butina in tow.

Butina was even given the “rare privilege” of ringing a Liberty Bell replica at an event honoring the NRA’s top donors.

Disturbing CCTV footage appears to show the moment the Russian passenger plane crashed near Moscow on Sunday, killing all 71 people aboard.

The Saratov Airlines regional jet disappeared from radar screens a few minutes after taking off from Domodedovo Airport on Sunday.

That intuition proved correct when Donald Trump triumphed on November 8th of last year.


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