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And to add insult to injury 21 Jump Street shattered a 7-year friendship and any hopes of a courtship with the live in girlfriend bomb.

If you are like me, after a gym work-out, or a horizontal work-out, you need something quick and easy to put in your mouth (pause)...stat.

Atleast that’s how I felt this week, when I got home from work.

Eventually I accepted that in life you will have growing moments and losing the Ex was one of mine.

Losing the Future Ex Husband taught me a correct yet emotionally isolating lesson about love, in order to avoid pain you can’t get in too deep.

I’d tried a relationship and it didn’t work, mistakes are to be learned from and not repeated. The Spaniard caught me in the middle of a perfect storm. And by settled I mean figured out the circus and began falling into the petty politics.

My family was in the midst of crisis..uncommon but I was truly emotionally raw from losing my Pop-Pop.

Every morning I look in the mirror and admire how handsome I am.

When I’m walking anywhere and I see good- looking girls , I think to myself, “I know she wants me.” One of my favorite songs is Clipse’s (ft.

Me, the person who writes people’s stories accurately within an hour of meeting him couldn’t see through The Spaniard’s veneer. It was fun but came tumbling to a halt with one text message.

A message that unearthed those buried feelings of self-rage slapping them to the surface and forcing me to deal. As I mentioned emotion-less environments suit me well.

This week I used garlic rosemary Naan found in the bread section of Safeway.

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