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/あそびにいくヨ!, Ubel Blatt/ユーベルブラット, Artemis Fowl, X-Men: The Movie, Magi/マギ, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress/甲鉄城のカバネリ, Nagi no Asukara/凪のあすから, Kingdom Hearts, Monochrome Factor, Temeraire, Mentalist, Gundam Wing/AC, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, Avengers, Sekirei, and Valdemar universe. So I have to do this the hard way; replace the "dots" and "slashes" as should be obvious. crossoverqueen(dot)wordpress(dot)com And if Fanfiction gets grumpy with the links - Google "Crossover Queen's Creative Chaos". :)Okay, everybody who said "You should write a book! s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1437787798&sr=1-1Is the paperback version.www(dot)amazon(dot)com(slash)Net-Dawn-Bones-C-Chancy-ebook(slash)dp(slash)B012GZ1LAY(slash)ref=sr_1_1? s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1437835844&sr=1-1&keywords=anetofdawn Is the Kindle version. Lone Flower AU (Bt VS / Bleach): Lone Flower, Petals in the Wind, Petals Scattered. Mine include Halloween World: Emerald Hope's Bulletin Board, and Halloween World: Scorched Earth, so far.

And if that doesn't work, I'm going to put all the links on a post on my blog. Entanglements AU (Saiyuki): Entanglements, and TAG is writing more bits for this AU!

AU: Ichigo Kurosaki, talented pilot with a troubled past, and Rukia Kuchiki, covert operative of the G-13, must find a way to work together to face an uncertain, perilous future. They wouldn't stand a chance otherwise, no matter how well the System supports the Hiten Mitsurugi. Rather than a castle floating in the sky, Kayaba Akihiko has created a world where the dead refuse to stay put in their graves. Book 2, Ep."The Chase": What would have happened if Azula had struck down Zuko instead of Iroh? In killing him, Kirito saved the lives of thousands, but that was not all his impossible act began.

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" Only, half a year later, with her prey-turned-boyfriend still alive and kicking, Rize begins to consider that she may have made a slight miscalculation. Getting to know her cocky, lovable partner takes a long time, but learning to love him only takes an instant. One that might just give the Adventurers a run for their own gold. He learned that the hard way, when someone he never met before attacked him. Real fairytales, the old ones with truth in their bones and the shadows of madness in their blood, are not happy stories.

In the year 2029, modern day street samurai and brilliant programmer Himura Kenshin returns to the ugly world of street politics and corporate war in an effort to help an unconventional hacker find her brother. In which Chat Noir and Ladybug become partners, friends, and everything in-between. It's been a year since the third World Fraction was casted, and the effects has been gradually affecting their daily lives. This is the tale of a Girl and her Soldier, from the bloody mountains of medieval Wallachia to the busy streets of Washington DC and beyond.

It just presented itself as a whole piece, whereas the other is 8 chapters and still going. and having Vlad and Xanatos in the same city is going to be . Besides, it served the wizard right for not heeding the rumors about Bilbo and the Old Forest. Unfortunately for Holly Short, he was the only one to do so with her best interests at heart. Time Travel C/S dom Cloud Shiro and Allura spend some time together. When Rin was six years old, he got into trouble at school. Sometimes he might just see, but not fully observe or understand what he sees. With the Gotei 13 at his back, Ichigo Kurosaki will learn what it means to be a Reaper. Unfortunately for Kaito and Saguru, they don't quite make where they were aiming for...

(Vampires and Hengeyokai and Black Spiral Dancers, oy! People being dragged on adventures: Ichigo and crew, meet Agatha and crew. We all know how far Kirito is willing to go to save Asuna, he would fight armies and challenge Gods if only that would mean her safety. Crossover - Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン & High School Dx D/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 31 - Words: 194,670 - Reviews: 1490 - Favs: 2,280 - Follows: 2,464 - Updated: Tsumugu gets some research in before a major storm hits, reflecting on his awakened ena, and Chisaki is happy to share the sea village's custom of an Arashimi (storm viewing party) with him. Witness the aftermath of the Fowl Incident, where the only thing Artemis won was the fragile loyalty of distrustful elf. The last thing Cloud wants, when given the chance, is to do it all over again. Set just a few hours after the epilogue to 'Red Means Blood'. Written because this author ships Shiro and Allura, and this was just too fun not to write. Fearing the disappointment of his father, he did not walk home with Yukio; instead, he took a left turn-and future events started to shift. There's an evil mage doing what evil mages do best, and Valdemar's only hope is the newest Chosen; a man named Michael who doesn't speak any known tongue, and who's relationship with his Companion seems to consists mainly of mutual injury. They share everything with their lions - is it really surprising that the lions share some things with them too? Even if it means twice the homework, twice the studying, twice the PE classes, and twice the obnoxious teachers. Sequel to Promenade, minor continuing crossover with the Kingdom Hearts series. Mundok was known for his tendency to not abandon orphans, going as far as to adopt them.

Alex was expecting many things for his fourteenth birthday- Jack's birthday breakfast spread, some presents, a day out and the childish (fervent) hope that Ian would be home in time.

This, however, this was definitely not on the agenda. Luckily he isn't the only one fighting for their freedom.

They're an elite team composed of a genius teenage hacker, a sleazy playboy with suspiciously chummy connections to the underworld, an ever-cheerful medic/wheelman /REDACTED, and Sanzo (enough said). I will be changing a few things because of this, but the pace and plot of the story will follow the same premise.

There will still be the a contest and Minato will still be winging Sekirei. Giving it M for possible later work Hakuba Saguru, British detective.

Utter chaos and explosions: 11th Division, meet Jaegermonsters. At least, until the day his 'father' brought home that old man and he awakened a dormant power. Guen follows Hiryuu before he ever drinks dragon blood. Fate has decreed them to be enemies from the start but the heart cares not for the laws of the universe. There is a soul in everyone, be it human or Pokemon.

He's no fool, and escaping the seal opens up a whole new world for him and his younger brother Haruto. There weren't supposed to be any survivors, but Chief Hakoda couldn't bring himself to kill the Fire Nation boy. Shuten is originally among those who seek the King's death. And when you fight alongside your partners, your souls will resonate through the link, and burn brighter.

Of course, the kid had to be from Japan, one of two plane crash survivors, and the only lead was the other survivor of the plane crash. The Western Army is defeated; the country stands, uneasy, under the hand of the Tokugawa.

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