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Licking actually adds bacteria to the lips and makes them drier.

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There are many remedies to consider and just as many treatments not to use, including heavy waxy lip balms.

Though they may bring temporary relief to cracked corners, they actually make the problem worse.

Unfortunately, living with this issue can be as embarrassing as it is troubling, since many confuse the cracks with conditions such as herpes and syphilis.

According to a study on Oral Health Considerations in HIV-Infected Children, this condition is often present in young patients who are HIV positive.

This can occur in one or both corners of the mouth and occurs at any age.

In the most severe cases, the splits in the corners may bleed when the mouth is opened. Cracks can last for several months or even years if left untreated.

A poor diet, for instance, can affect your body in a number of ways - and can even lead to cracked lips.

Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

This is because the virus weakens the immune system, making it easier for the body to develop issues like angular cheilitis.


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