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The images are not needle sharp but certainly good enough for the web or modest sized prints (8 x 10). One wish - Fotodiox should include an instruction sheet with the unit and the URL to their download site. Aperture control is on the lens and shutter speed is controlled using the command dial - top right hand rear of camera.

This has brought to life an old favourite 70 - 205 zoom lens with a set of filters. Its very easy to make a bracketed set of shots and pick the best exposure later. I have old Canon lenses that get used rarely and decided to try this adapter.

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This adaptor creates haze and distortion at wide apertures, and it won't stop down the lens, so you're always shooting wide open.

Photo quality is terrible; especially with fast lenses.

I just purchased a new NICON D5200 camera, I have had several 35mm.

film cameras in my lifetime with several different lenses from 55mm to 300mm with this product and my new digital camera i am able to use these lenses.

There are only a few sites in the Near East dating to the Neolithic where actual textiles have been found; the earliest of these include Nahal Hemar (Schick, 1988), Çayönü (Vogelsang-Eastwood, 1993), Halula (Alfaro, 2002), and Çatalhöyük (Burnham, 1965).

Other evidence is found in the shape of textile impressions, for example at El-Kowm (Maréchal, 1989: 62), Jerf el-Ahmar (Jamous et Stordeur, 1999: 97), and Jarmo (Adovasio, 1975-1977: 223-230; Barber, 1991: 79).

Only under very specifi c circumstances do we fi nd defi nite evidence for what must have been a fairly common material.

ROOIJAKKERS Textiles are an elusive subject in the fi eld of archaeology.

I had several Canon AE-1 lenses that I could no longer use ($$$). My uncle (professional photographer) recommended I try an adapter. It took me a few minutes to get the older lenses to fit - very tight fit on some lenses.

You have to shoot manual mode, but that's what I normally do anyway.

This correction lens can also be removed to render the adapter as an extension tube for macro shooting.

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