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In this television production, she plays the lead role.

She is playing a teenager that deals with her love life and the daily problems of her family.

She played in some popular films like 2004 Adaraneeya Vassanaya, 2006 Hiri Poda Wessa, 2008 Hathara Denama Surayo New, 2008 Nil Diya Yahana, 2009 Sinasuna Adaren, 2008 Machan and a large number of Teledramas.

She turned as a producer with co-producing ‘Sihina Kumari’ teledrama.

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she is looking way good as well she emerge mass talent on what she was doing we congratulate her for a will full career.

Chathurika Peiris is a talented Actress in Sri Lanka.

She has been working on making a name for herself in the movie industry and now she has her first film.

The movie is called ‘’ 'Aadaraneeya Wassana Personal Information She has been working on making a name for herself in the movie industry and now she has her first film.

Now they will play the role of husband and wife in the latest television show called ‘’Sulang Kapolla’’.


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