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Hopefully, we get to hear the good news soon., etc.

He is hardworking personality and has made respectable position in American entertainment field. His nationality is American and belongs to African-American ethnicity.

He is trying to take their relationship to the next level of marriage.

The couple has one son, who was born in October 2016. They are seen together for groceries, public events, and award shows.

Back in January of this year, the actor and rapper was spotted leaving a local grocery store in Hawaii with a pregnant unidentified woman.

Jones, who will turn 85 this March, told GQ that he has no plans of slowing down despite his advanced age; if anything, he's looking forward to living until he's 110, thanks to some treatments he's been undergoing at an exclusive hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, six days each year."I feel like a child, man," he said. He also added that his daughters have set a new stipulation for him: no women younger than them; they compromised with women ranging between 28 to 42.3. He recalled in particular one time when author Truman Capote refused to have Jones score the film adaptation of his book, In Cold Blood.

"I'm just starting."Here are seven surprising revelations Jones made in the interview, including his thoughts on Taylor Swift and the current music landscape, his experiences with racism and his beef with Tupac Shakur (and how his daughter Rashida Jones got pulled into the mix).1. Frank Sinatra tried to set him up with Marilyn Monroe, and Jones had interesting reasoning for not dating her. According to Jones, Capote "went back into the other room [after meeting Jones] and said, ' I didn't know Quincy Jones was a Negro.' Truman Capote, that motherfucker, he called [director] Richard Brooks up on In Cold Blood and said, ' Richard, I don't understand why you've got a Negro doing the music for a film with no people of color in it.' And Richard Brooks said, ' Fuck you, he's doing the music.' Richard was tough." Jones did end up scoring the film, and even earned an Oscar nomination for his work.5.

Jones is not a fan of Taylor Swift's music, and doesn't have a problem saying so. "Fucking songs, not hooks." Jones has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Aretha Franklin to Frank Sinatra, and counts the late Miles Davis and Ray Charles among his peers. "Since I was a little kid, I've always heard the people that don't wanna do the work. The only place you find success before work is the dictionary, and that's alphabetical." On the flip side, current artists he's excited about include Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, Drake, Ludacris, Common, Mary J. The producer claims he has 22 girlfriends all across the globe. "Frank was always trying to hook me up with Marilyn Monroe, but Marilyn Monroe had a chest that looked like pears, man," he said. Jones also had beef with Tupac, who once called him "disgusting" for having interracial relationships.

News has learned, though few other details have been made public at this time.

While Glover recently did a press tour for the well-received FX series, he made no hints as to becoming a father for the very first time during interviews.

I've been traveling all my life, and I guarantee I travel more than any motherfucker on this planet," he said.

When asked about his propensity for language, the producer said, "I don't know. He wants Donald Glover to play him in a possible 10-part TV biopic.

Baby's born, so she's happier now," Glover told Entertainment Tonight about his longtime partner Friday.

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