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(Image: Melissa Javan) There was a time in South Africa when laws such as the Group Areas Act, the Immorality Act and the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act stopped people of different races from having relationships or from living in the same communities.However, since the democratic dispensation brought South Africa’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, people such as Cassarica Nadas and Gareth Mays have been able to build close relationships without being harassed by the law. I can’t say which month exactly, but it was mid-2011. I thought he was interesting and we continued to chat over the next couple of weeks.

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Essentially Cassie’s and my interests and habits were similar already.

CN: My family were a bit cautious when I first introduced Gareth to them.

I wouldn’t say that there has been a best experience as an interracial couple, but we have had many experiences as a couple that have been amazing.

A particular one was when we lived in Cape Town and we were walking to the shops.

He was the first boy I brought home who was not a friend. They didn’t have a problem with his race or culture.

They had more of a problem that he was the guy who was taking away their daughter, like most parents have. Cassie is my sweetheart and probably more favourited by my parents than me. They treat him like a son and are always buying him gifts. GM: Only in the sense that we or they are closer and more loving. They are old school and have different principles and values.It was tough at first but they quickly came around.When we moved in together I moved to Cape Town from Port Elizabeth, so my parents were also dealing with my moving away as well as moving in with Gareth.When Gareth used to drop me off at my parents’ house while we were still in Port Elizabeth, we had incidents of people who lived in my street making comments as I got out of the car.They would remark on his race and what car he drove.Cassarica Nadas and Gareth Mays see themselves as an ordinary couple – even if other people refer to them as being in an interracial relationship.

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