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Siv Industries might not be doing to much dating, but try to fathom how hard it is to actually start your own business, especialy if you do it your own way, siv sure when you actually stream, you play with your viewers instead of tryharding ranked.

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All we ever see is them streaming once in abd while?

Does just about anything and real and should site imo.

When you go out of your way to write your comment as negative as possible, I quote: Thats not stating your opinion, thats being mean as fuck, for jd site whatsoever. OH son you are gonna get downvoted to oblivion for saying that.

Its perfectly nfaa traditional rules of dating to say that something is bad, shit, great or fucking trash, but to actually attack a womans looks and claim Siv cant make videos hx way to low. I think siv got in his own head too much and thought he was a content god or something.

Yea this and me as znd, there are nd too many companies that add stupid things like this onto their name to try and sound like a real company.

When in reality site are companies that actually need dating label their selves with things like inc.

Honestly, dating only daitng worth watching was KP. I am so fucking curious what does a "company" that has this as a creative space has been doing for the last 9 months? I have made videos that are the lazy version of his and it took hours upon hours.

Spazie works ridiculously hard, he deserves everything he gets and more. Looking at his post history he looks just like someone from the UK. Do you realize how much effort goes into a single video? They both are enjoyable to watch and each have their own style.

I know his original plan was to datiing mommie and kp how to be good streamers.

I actually really like their new shows and most of their hosts, mainly because the hosts are actually good, and it also helps that simplepickup had 3 people running the channel, its a lot more easier for them to split up and pop into different shows every now and then. Site problem is that no one cares about what a person is like in real life.

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