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Soledad O'Brien preceded him and Alex Trebek preceded O'Brien.In July 2011, Rocca revealed on The Six Pack podcast (episode 73) that he is gay.

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Rocca’s career in television started as a correspondent for “The Daily Show.” And till now i.e. For this program, he travels across America to learn to cook from grandmothers and grandfathers in their kitchen.

He has also given his television presence to other channels like VH1 and Animal Planet.

Interestingly, he has brought out other sides of his personality too.

Thus we not only know him as a humorist but also as a journalist and an actor by profession.

Sunday, which premiered in 2005 on the Animal Planet TV channel.

He also made guest appearances on Authority (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and Contract (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), both in 2008.

So how does he manage to become three people in one?

Let’s explore an answer to this question; in fact, to many others too. At present, he works as a regular correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning. That’s why he is the host and creator of the show called My Grandmother’s Ravioli since 2012 on Cooking Channel.

He is also the host of the weekly The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation program, which has aired as part of the CBS Dream Team on Saturdays since 2014.


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