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Mary Lou Mc Donald takes over as Sinn Fein party leader The Edit: Chicken rice for just RM4?Yes, really The Edit: A stroll down Jalan Tokong The Edit: Topless Tongan reveals secret weapon against freezing cold KUALA LUMPUR, May 4 — The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has released a do’s and dont’s guide for chat group administrators after warning them of potential prosecution over fake news.

On its official website, the MCMC posted a six-point guide, which included checking posts in chat groups with a moderator, commenting on posts to “ensure discussions stay on track”, and to “deal firmly with trolls”.

Some of the recommended do’s include informing members the reasons for setting up chat groups, setting ground rules, and to consider blocking members who insist on making inappropriate posts.

It’s backed up by my macha friends who impersonated as girls in Facebook. They said many machas don’t even take the initiative to know whether the girl on Facebook is real or not. And, no, you are not entitled to know everything about me just because I accepted your friend request. Didn’t you see the taman where I live in NASA’s recent pics of Pluto? You don’t even know the person and you call her like that.

If they see a girl’s name, they’re most likely to send friend request and start chatting. In the name of intro on Facebook, machas think they are entitled to know the entire biodata of minachis – the million dollar questions, “Married dy arr? And, you know, there’s a very good and useful reason for anyone on Facebook detailing where they’re from on Facebook. ” Machas ask, “If never ask intro on Facebook, how to get to know? ) If the girl says yes, the macha will go, “Enna sapta? ) Whenever I am asked this question, I resist from saying, “Punnaku, thottuke sunambu.” (Cow fodder with lime paste = calcium hydroxide) After that, machas will go, “Ennaku?? Maybe a Form 3 girl will be impressed or go crying to her daddy, but not older Indian girls who have careers, are independent and self sufficient.

If the minachi glances up to the macha or smiles at the macha the macha takes it as the green signal and take it from there.

On Facebook, it’s sending random minachis a friend request.Because it’s not written in your profile pic photo that you will kill the girl or anyone at all who accepts your friend request by incessant messaging.Mostly, it’s because it’s the girl or anyone at all’s wish whether or not to reply to your messages.Okay, Malaysian Indian guys on Facebook get mad when a Malaysian Indian girl doesn’t reply to their message after accepting their friend request.They ask this ‘intelligent question’, “If don’t want to chat with me then why accept my friend request? Because there are no terms or conditions that Mark Zuckerberg imposed on Facebook that if become friend on Facebook, chatting is compulsory.This cool Tamil friends chat not only caters for Tamil makkal, it extends to Indian chat and Little India chat too.


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  3. Like many early chat programs, Worlds Chat is a virtual realm where embodied avatars walk around talking to one another.

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