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Here are five reasons why I love consecrated religious: The consecrated religious I know are in love.

They know Jesus as their spouse and they live every minute of every day striving to love Him in all they do. Because they understand it is from the hands of the priest that Christ comes to us in the Eucharist; and from the priest’s ministry that Christ forgives sins in the confessional.

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I am within driving distance of my family and friends, who I can visit regularly and stay in touch with via phone, text, email, or Facebook.

For my friends who have joined the convent, they undergo their postulancy and novitiate during which they cannot make home visits for a set amount of time.

Yahoo Travel is claiming that the "strangest tourist spot" IN THE WORLD is Wisconsin's House on the Rock. the basement of the former Philling Station bar in downtown Appleton. Brett hoping Hall of Fame induction will keep him from being remembered like a character in Brokeback Mountain, a well-meaning country boy who’s balls sometimes ended up in the wrong guy’s hands. In a fitting tribute to his family, Hall of Fame exhibit will also include a selection of items shoplifted by his sister and the bathtub she made meth in. When they retire Brett’s number 4, they’re planning to put the word “inches” after it. Even more so if you consume them in suppository form.

It may be odd, but I don't even think it's the strangest tourist spot in our state. WAYS TO STAY COOL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT ROCK USA 10.


PIMPIN’ PARTNERS makes even these truely heinous crimes seem almost happy and lighthearted. Sort of like The Bosom Buddies…but, you know, with pimps.

Small Town Crime Wave Weenie of the Week Top Ten Lists Skyline Comedy New GRoup sdfsdf Idiotic Product Florida Freak File Life Imitating Seinfeld Love Is In The Air Ross Maxwell International Incident Roxanne Tim Hart Add Group Name Good News, Everyone! Today is the 46th anniversary of the first manned moon it? When it returned to earth, Apollo 11 odometer only had 148 miles on it. If you look closely at photos of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin you’ll see they look suspiciously like the two guys in the Sonic commercials. It was faked by Meg Ryan after which Rob Reiner’s mother said “I’ll have what she’s having”. The bag of moon rocks they brought back all had the words “A Souvenir of Bailey's Harbor" painted on them. Cheese on surface of moon was clearly still in Kraft Singles wrappers. Bumper sticker on back on the LEM read my other Lunar Excursion Module is a Corvette. Armstrong's footprint on lunar surface bears surprising resemblance to bigfoot's who as we all know lives in the pacific northwest and deep south..the moon. SURPRISES PLANNED FOR THE BRETT FAVRE PACKER HALL OF FAME INDUCTION 10. For your friend who just had a child, bought a Country USA 2015 souvenir Baby's First Spit Cup. Bernie Brewer decapitated during bizarre chalet slide accident. Cinco, the sombrero and beard wearing chorizo arrested mid sausage race and deported after Naturalization and Immigration finds he snuck into this country disguised as a hairy wiener. Hank the Dog ejected from a game for dry humping an umpire’s chest protector. Miller Park quarantined by the CDC after Ebola found to be closely linked to Brewer Fever. Ball boy grows a foot taller and a second head after accidentally stepping on a needle that fell out of Ryan Braun's duffle bag. Life-like sculpture of former owner Bud Selig revealed to actually be just a pile of empty beer cans. Brewer great Rollie Fingers kicked out of Hall of Fame after it's revealed that during his playing years, he used illegal steroid-based mustache wax. It's revealed that pitcher Will Smith who was tossed from a game last month for having pine tar on his forearm got it from non-consensual sex with an evergreen tree. Brett Wurst, the racing brat changes name to Kaitlyn and becomes a racing clam.

The Simpsons Already Did It 420ish The Force at Four Bees! In honor of his 1999 8-8 season, the Hall of Fame is also inducting a large wad of Ray Rhodes’ chewing gum. It will be revealed that the REAL reason he came out of retirement to play for the Jets and Vikings was to avoid listing to Deanna nag him about mowing the lawn. Lambeau Ring of Honor also making room for a selection of John Madden lip prints lifted from Brett’s ass. Since his former coach Mike Holmgren will be unable to attend, will be replaced by Chumley the cartoon Walrus. They are also retiring the number…of Brett’s pharmacist. Only reason Brett agreed to return to Green Bay is the prospect of a big sweaty hug from Larry Mc Carren. Original plan was to hold induction ceremony at other scene of Brett’s greatest most memorable accomplishments… If you are a woman, offer to have sex with Rick and just the thought of it will make you downright frigid. Eating popsicles can help lower your body temperature. The governor will be forced to reduce number of aids at his office in Madison in order to maintain full time staffs for his governor's offices in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Sioux City. Well paid tenured University of Wisconsin professors will be replaced by “teachers” whose main qualifications are having scored above average on several really tough Buzzfeed quizzes.

They leave their home state, and sometimes their home country, to follow the call God placed on their hearts.

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