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Finally (and I’m not sure if this was intentional or not) but reminding the audience of the pilot sets the stage for another issue discussed there and is readdressed later in this episode (more on that later). VIS #4: Jane Confronts Nate Glass; Lisbon and Jane After Glass pretends that he’s contacted Beth’s son, Jane approaches him, remarking that Glass is “not great, but pretty good”. Jane points out that as he was once a fake psychic himself, he wouldn’t ask Glass to back off, except that a child’s life hangs in the balance.

Glass won’t take the hint and says that’s why he’s here to help to which Jane responds: “You don’t want to push me. Get out of here right now or you’re going to regret it.” -Yikes!

As to whether Jane will actually go the seminar: VIS#2: Jane tries to Come Clean to Beth (again) When Beth tells Jane she wants him and Nate to work together to save her son, Lisbon asks that Nate leave. I took your money, and I told you lies.” -Baker’s delivery here was so emphatic, so purely un-apologetically honest. She asks if he’s really not a psychic then why he’s working with the police. Jane is working with us because he is an excellent investigator.

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Synopsis Consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and her team take the case of a missing boy, Conner, on the request of his mother Elizabeth Flynn (Kelli Williams).

Beth is an old client from Jane’s psychic days and wants him to use his “powers” to help find her boy.

Grace has always been a woman of strong convictions.

Her psychic cousin was first mentioned in the ‘Pilot’ when she got into a somewhat heated and powerful discussion with Jane over whether real psychics exist or not.

Lisbon asks Jane to step back from the case as the psychic angle is complicating matters.

Jane agrees but changes his mind when Beth’s current spiritual adviser Nate Glass shows up.

Rigsby, surprised, asks: “I thought you liked that spiritual stuff, what about your cousin Yolanda?

” Grace then points out “Yolanda is real, that guys’ a fake.” -CONTINUITY, PEOPLE! I love this exchange, obviously, for the continuity it provides as well as what it tells us about Van Pelt.

She’s acknowledged his talent before but usually in more reserved, at times even derisive tones: “He’s a pain in the ass but he’s usually right” or simply “He gets results” and “He closes cases”.

Can this glowing praise be that Lisbon is starting to respect Jane more? At first Jane and viewers think that’s she’s finally gets it.

Or was she being nicer because she felt sorry for his undoubtedly painful predicament at coming clean to a former client? But then she continues saying that Janes gift is such a burden that of course he has to deny it.


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