dating a girl in ghana - Low interest debt consolidating financing

Unfortunately, it needed 00 in repairs just at the wrong time.His company closed for 2 weeks and he was laid off for that period.

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These things usually come in threes, so let’s hope they have no other major expenses. Help getting your financial house in order and avoiding predatory lenders.

Before you enter in to any legal binding agreement with a lender you should read the fine print or get legal help understanding the contract.

Some are strictly commercial businesses you have to pay in order to employ their services.

The list below is for every State and only counseling services APPROVED by the State.

They would really like to obtain a small personal loan of $10,000 at a lower interest rate than what they will pay on their credit card.

This couple has a decent credit rating and will likely qualify for a loan at a lower interest rate than their credit card.

They do not have any defaults on any payments and they are virtually debt free with the exception of this credit card balance.

Their car is fully paid for and they pay their rent in advance and all of their utilities are up to date. His wife who has a part time job now plans to go back to working full time to make extra money.

They plan to repay this loan in one year and have requested a one-year term for the loan.

They will be able to repay the loan more quickly with the extra income and if there are no more financial hits.

In his family’s case they were doing everything right.

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