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They are about 7cm (slider) and 6cm (map) across the shell.

They are both active and energetic, swimming and basking, and seem to be in generally good health.

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I decided to keep him because there is a pond in the back yard but it has an alligator in it, and vary large fish, other large turtles, etc.

Do you think this is because he hasn't been with other turtles in so long?

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He's got inch long finger nails and the back feet are kinda webbed. -- 5/3/08 Thanks Neale, I just wanted to be sure this wasn't an endangered species. Mary in AR Worried Turtle Not Growing 4/6/08 Okay, I am fourteen with a yellow bellied slider.

It's probably ready to catch some bugs, or whatever it eats.

I have 2 18 month old yellow bellied turtles(1 male, 1 female) recently the Meryl (our female turtle) has been basking a lot and not eating much.

I took her to the vet for a check over as was worried and he said she was fine, Henry (our male turtle) is eating fine, basking and being pretty normal except for a high pitch noise, he is not gasping for air. Also when Meryl is in the water Henry is getting quite frisky with her could this be why she's out a lot, he's not being aggressive or biting (think he's trying to mate but Merts' not interested). We bought two baby yellow bellied sliders 5 days ago.

They have plenty of space to swim and bask separately.


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