Dating herpes uk

But then sores and blisters start appearing in your most… One day you’re walking along, spring in your step because you’re finally getting laid, the next you’re cowering under your bed covers wondering why the hell your bell end looks like a greasy pizza!

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If you feel like it, confide in your closest friends.

You never know, maybe they’ll have some herpes stories of their own! You’re not gonna die (well, not from herpes at least).

’ I’ve lived with herpes for over ten years now, and in the beginning it caused me a huge amount of stress.

I was terrified, and had no idea when to tell people I was dating – first date, second date, when I meet the parents, maybe ask the parents to tell them on your behalf?

If you do contract herpes, it is seriously not the end of the world.

Flare ups (getting the blisters) are not that common, and they get less and less severe each time (or at least they have in my case).

I’m completely at peace with my little friend, the herpes simplex virus, but really wish people would talk about it more.

It’s so hard to do though, because when you talk about sexually transmitted infections, you’re not only talking about yourself, but also people you’ve slept with, who may not want to have their sexual health discussed.

Your doctor may be able to prescribe medication, which can head off a flare up (like taking First Defense for a cold), so that’s always an option if you end up showing symptoms frequently.


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