Dating seiko chronograph watches

Someone has made a thorough dog’s breakfast of extracting and reinstalling the mainspring at service.A thorough clean of all parts and reassembly can begin.

week in the UK album chart whilst Wings tussled with The Carpenters for the number 1 slot.

The Glam Rock era was moving into its second phase, the likes of Slade, Marc Bolan, Roxy Music and Sweet giving way to Suzi Quatro, Wizzard and Sparks.

We’ll see to what extent that is born out as we work our way through this current project.

Time I think to introduce our contender, a Seiko 6139-7060 automatic single register chronograph dating from June 1975, fitted with the 21 jewel version of the 6139B.

In other news: in a nationwide referendum, the UK voted to remain a member of the European Community following the election of Harold Wilson in October of the previous year; the UK became an oil-producing nation for the first time; Jaws premiered in the UK, becoming the highest grossing film in history and Angelina Jolie Voight was born.

The 1970’s was an era of extremes in fashion and, yes, taste, with voluminous glittery bell-bottoms, platform boots, tartan waistcoats and ridiculous top hats battling it out with avocado bathroom suites and mustard paint jobs on the automotive output of that lumbering, strike ridden monolith that was British Leyland.In short, it is beyond salvage and needs to be replaced.I doubt very much that it will have been installed in this condition from new, nor that it will have somehow acquired this eccentric shape on its own.With simpler designs, you can work around issues thrown up by slap dash servicing but a chronograph provides many more opportunities for the cack of hand to exercise their talents in ways that prove more challenging to correct.In the case of this particular watch, as suggested by the photos above, I do not have much to fear on that front (or at least, the external appearance would suggest some complacency is in order).Depending on how I feel this usually means starting with the mainspring or any Diafix settings on the main plate and bridges.


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