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I have the arabic version in my house and it has the chapter about masturbation. Which one would like to be provided Masturbation is haram, however there is no medical evidence to suggest that it causes any physical damage to the body.

There are also no hadiths which say that masturbation results in physical harm.

Nonetheless, it is forbidden because Allah does not allow it as it is a shameless act.

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They did not know what masturbation was until they saw a civilizado telegraph operator doing it.

From then on the telegraph operator was a problem to Orlando and his colleagues at the Park.

The Indians despised him because, in their eyes, he had done something reprehensible. 88) Sometimes the scientists justify masturbation by saying that many people do it!

There was nothing to do but remove him from the Park. But if a majority does something, it does not automatically prove that it is right.

Masturbation in form of self-stimulation is forbidden in Shi'ah fiqh.

While describing the believers, the Qur'an says, "The believers are...

(salam) , There's a great article on istimnaa written by Sheikh Sayed Muhammed Rizvi of Toronto.

In Islamic terminology, masturbation (istimna) means self-stimulation of the sexual organ till one achieves emission of semen or orgasm.

Sorry, but I have come across no peer reviewed literature that m causes madness.

This makes the person living in the west uncertain about the validity of the advice they have been given.

he answered Ýãä ÃÈÊÛì æÑÇÁ Ðáß ÝÃæáÆß åã ÇáÚÇÏæäSurra23 verse 7 There are two totally different issues here.1. Discussing the medical/social impact of these is interesting from a curiousity/personal interest point of view, but whatever the answers are should not affect your understanding as to whether it is haram or halal.

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