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A mysterious ancient tomb with “unusual and rare” wall paintings has been discovered in Egypt.

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A number of circular huts, 14 in total according to one source, have been identified. In some of these structures, artifacts dating to the Roman period have been found, suggesting that they were occupied even after the Nuragic civilization came to an end.

Certain huts also contained features, such as seats, hearths, and niches that aid in our understanding of their function.

This nuraghe is situated not far from the town of Torralba and it stands in the center of the Cabu Abbas plain.

Just beyond Santu Antine is the famous ‘Valley of the Nuraghe’, where several more of these monumental structures built by the Nuragic civilization can be found.A mysterious civilization built megalithic structures across the island of Sardinia in the Bronze and Iron Ages.The buildings are now known as nuraghes – and the impressive nuraghe called Santu Antine is one of the largest of these huge stone structures on the island.For example, a hut located in front of the entrance of the nuraghe has a seat and a hearth, which has led researchers to designate it as a ‘meeting hut’.I am a university student doing a BA degree in Archaeology My interests range from lsquo conventional rsquo to lsquo radical rsquo interpretations of the archaeological textual pictorial data set I believe that intellectual engagement by advocates from both ends...Santu Antine is often called the Sardinian form of Saint Constantine, the 4th century Roman emperor best known for his legalization of, and conversion to the Christian faith.

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