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Gender expression and gender identity are not explicitly mentioned in the revised Act.

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However, single individuals regardless of sexual orientation are allowed to adopt, though requests from single men are rarely accepted.

Lesbian couples do not have access to IVF and artificial insemination, as it is only available to married opposite-sex couples.

Following the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, the country's own Penal Code came into force on , and homosexual acts between males over 16 years of age became punishable by at least six months of imprisonment.

The revised Penal Code of removed the sections outlawing homosexual acts.

According to a 2008 survey, conducted in 15 schools throughout Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv, 10.5% of students identified as bisexual, whereas 1.8% identified as gay and 87.7% as straight.

Of these students, 15% said they wouldn't want a gay friend and 29% said they would categorically refuse to sit next to a gay classmate.

In 2008, a 25-year-old student was brutally killed in a park in Sofia in because he was perceived to be gay.

During the investigation, a man testified that the two suspects were part of a group intending to "cleanse" the park of gays.

The parents are rarely informed of the damages this could later cause to the child's gender identity.

Same-sex couples are banned from adopting in Bulgaria.

5% said they would bully gay classmates, while 39% said they would protect them from bullying.


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