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As long as the Internal Domains are correctly populated, then any SOA queries for any internal-facing domains will be sent to the local DNS server.Hello, We have started to have lookup problems in out network.

ptr records not updating-50ptr records not updating-68

I did as you told exactly but the same log as the above.

It has been over 20 mins and there is nothing which related to update the PTR.

Please see For a static client, the client will communicate directly with the authoritative DNS server to update its PTR record.

It will first start by performing an SOA query for the reverse lookup name for the client in question: The client then receives a response from the authoritative DNS server containing information about the server that is to process the dynamic update.

The roaming client is lightweight software installed on Windows machines which takes in the client’s DNS queries and conditionally forwards them to Umbrella anycast resolvers.

The roaming client forwards DNS queries listed in Internal Domains to the local DNS servers on the network.

In our domain the DHCP server is just a member server, not the DC master, but the PTR our Windows clients send are handled by the DC master (which is our sole Active Directory domain controller).

Therefore I doubt changing the DHCP server will achieve much — but you can give it a try, of course.

The DHCP client will communicate with the authoritative DNS server directly for updating its A record, but the DHCP server updates the DNS server with the client’s PTR record In some cases, a DHCP server may update a client's A record on its behalf, even if the client did not specifically request this.


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