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It included elements of the future "Take On Me", including an early version of the central riff.

The duo asked Morten Harket to join as lead singer.

Harket demonstrates a vocal range of over two and a half octaves.

The band signed with Ratcliff, who in return introduced them to his manager, Terry Slater.

With this encouragement, the band managed to complete some songs, including "Take On Me".

The band rushed to release "Take On Me" as a single in the United Kingdom but the single only charted at 137, the lowest-charted of all A-ha songs.

After this, Warner Brothers' main office in the United States decided to invest in the band, and gave them the opportunity to re-record the song.

Terry Slater convinced Alan Tarney to produce the new version.

The song was soon completed and re-released in the United Kingdom, but the record label's office in London gave them little support, and the single flopped for the second time. put the group on high priority, and made the move to invest significant money in a revolutionary video for "Take On Me" using the audio version produced by Tarney.In January 1983, the trio returned to London in search of a recording contract.The band moved into an apartment in London and began calling on record companies and publishing houses.After a few meetings, Slater signed them with Warner Bros. The band met with producer Tony Mansfield, an expert in the use of the Fairlight CMI, who mixed the demos with electronic instrumentation.The sound was not what A-ha had hoped to achieve, and the album was remixed again.At the time, Harket was singing in a band called Souldier Blue, but he felt that his band was stagnating, and decided to join Waaktaar and Furuholmen.


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