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Despite Maine's harsh winters, the park is open year-round.

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Listed below are Astrology & Feng shui information on auspicious dates and direction for Chinese New Year 2018.

These auspicious dates is derived from the chinese almanac or commonly known as Tung shu / Tung shing / 通勝.

Even though it's in its infancy, the 87,000-acre national monument east of Baxter State Park is already open.

That's because Burt's Bees co-founder and philanthropist Roxanne Quimby's foundation donated $80 million worth of land and funds to the park service with assistance from the National Park Foundation, with promises of $20 million more.

Some of the world's finest coffee beans are grown here, and coffee aficionados love to do the farm-to-café tours.

But there's no need to leave the cities to get a good cuppa.It was here that a small group of elected officials gathered to discuss the possibility of joining the region's independent provinces to create a singular nation.Three years later, Canada's Constitution Act was passed by British Parliament and a new country was born.All of it can be found in hawker centers and shop houses throughout George Town.Combine this with the city's collection of historic buildings in various styles, from old English colonial mansions to classical Chinese shophouses and Islamic mosques, and you have a city made for walking and eating.Upscale restaurants have multiplied on the island in the last 10 years, taking advantage of the excellent local produce.

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