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Stay tuned as we continue testing files and adding support for more codecs.

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SVN HEAD after r25824 (Sun Jan 20 2008 UTC) MPlayer 1.0rc2 security patches A buffer overflow was found and reported by Adam Bozanich of Musecurity in the code used to escape URL strings.

The code used to skip over IPv6 addresses can be tricked into leaving a pointer to a temporary buffer with a non-NULL value; this causes the unescape code to reuse the buffer, and may lead to a buffer overflow if the old buffer is smaller than required.

Please note that it is possible to overwrite entries in the CDDB database, so an attack can also be performed via a non-compromised server.

At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit in the wild.

About a year ago, a couple of developers related to MPlayer took over the task of maintaining libdvdnav.

The first release happened quietly on Sunday, October 28th 2007 and now it is time for another.

Or you can report non-working videos on our Bug Trac or on the MPlayer-users mailing list or just send me an email with the URL of the problem video. This time, it's a dual one, because libdvdread was split from libdvdnav and is now developed in a separate tree, retaining API compatibility with the old upstream.

Apart from the split, the highlights for this release include a large number of memory and resource leak fixes, pkgconfig support and the introduction of dvdread-config script. SHA1SUM: d1b95eb8a7caee1fa7580a1abad84d6cb3cad046 MD5SUM: d62383c45b28816771e283515f2c27fa libdvdread-4.1.3 can be downloaded by HTTP or FTP.

We also wish to have the option of switching licenses available in the future.


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