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The Army had ordered most relief workers and all international observers to leave the area, but it nonetheless billed its offensive as a “humanitarian operation” to rescue hostages from the Tigers.(The Tigers did in fact prevent some civilians from fleeing, and shot hundreds of them as they tried to escape.) The Tigers’ defenders, meanwhile, claimed that the Army was committing genocide.

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With international concern mounting over the safety of the civilians, the Sri Lankan Army designated a series of “no-fire zones” and told civilians to assemble there.

It then shelled those zones repeatedly, while issuing denials that it was doing so and forbidding journalists access to the area. By mid-April, the Tamil rebels and the civilians were trapped on a bloody stretch of beach about a mile long.

Hemmed in by the sea, a lagoon, and a hundred thousand government soldiers, they were all but helpless, as the Army kept up a barrage of fire from gunboats, aircraft, and field artillery.

On April 21st, the Army broke through the Tigers’ defenses, creating a chaotic corridor that, over several days, allowed nearly two hundred thousand famished and wounded civilians to flee into its custody.

The mobile-phone video clip shows a pair of soldiers pushing a naked, blindfolded man into the frame. One soldier, dressed in the uniform of the Sri Lankan Army, forces him into a sitting position on the ground, kicks him in the back, and steps out of the way as the other soldier comes forward and shoots him in the back of the head. Off camera, the shooter can be heard laughing giddily and exclaiming, “It’s like he jumped!

” The soldiers kill two other men in similar fashion, and then dispatch a number of wounded prisoners.

He and four other pastors and a group of sixty orphans in their care had been dug into shallow bunkers on the beach.

“It was the first thing we did whenever we reached a new position—digging and making bags with cut-up women’s saris,” he said.

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