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There are two kinds of people: Those who get nervous before a first date and... OK, there's just one kind of person, and we're all terrified of first dates.

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The hormone oxytocin floods your system, and it's partly responsible for those loving feelings.

That's why waiting for monogamy, as Patti suggests, is helpful; there is a greater chance that your relationship will grow stronger after intimacy.

Premature attached leads to heartbreak Unfortunately, many women find themselves prematurely attached to men who might not have the best of intentions.

When you are intimate quickly, you can't know for sure if he is the right guy, no matter how he might seem.

" Women who feel this way don't want to hold off too long to then discover the chemistry is off. Let's not forget the long-standing "Three Date Rule," which many men subscribe to, thinking you'll sleep with them on the third date because that's what's expected.

I remember this stereotype back in the 1980's and it's still around today. Apparently, the first date is the time for a blowout, if you're so inclined. Rich men like straight hair." No word on what not-so-rich singles prefer.3. "You need really good illuminating moisturizer for your legs and your body."4. Love guru and matchmaking expert Patti Stanger knows firsthand how hard the dating scene is — especially in New York City.There are women who worry the guy will walk away if she doesn't sleep with him on date three, especially the handsome, rich guys — the ones who seem like really good catches.But believe it or not, some guys have traditional ideas about sleeping together quickly and may think you are too easy for hopping into bed on date three.The majority of men have the ability to separate love and sex in their minds.


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