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Pastor Marshall, who is Ngarluma on his mother's side, said many people who were parents now did not know how to parent because they were never parented themselves."If our parents stopped disciplining us then, and stopped teaching us our teachings that were needing to be handed down, when I became a parent how can I pass on anything to the kids when I don't know?

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Immediately afterward, the Library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections will host the exhibition and an opening reception in the Hirshland Gallery, level 2B of Carl A. The lecture and reception are funded through the generous support of the Stephen ’58 MBA ’59 and Evalyn Edwards ’60 Milman Exhibition Fund, the Nathan Zimelman endowment and Jon and Virginia Lindseth ’56.

About Cornell University Library Visit the “Wardrobes and Rabbit Holes” page for more information about the exhibition.

Roebourne has become notorious as one of the most socially dysfunctional towns in Australia, blighted by alcohol and drug problems, and rampant child abuse.

But in the face of this, a group of people are fighting to save the Pilbara town from itself.

Attack the illusory wall, and you find Sif inside a protective barrier [image], surrounded by Humanity Phantoms.

Defeat them, and Sif disappears to leave behind the Cleansing Greatshield.

As soon as you are able, get underneath the body and hack away at Sif's legs.

If/when Sif backs up, make sure you stay under them, eventually Sif will jump away and re-engage you.

"That's a sensational headline that will scare a lot of people," he said. He said child sexual abuse in the town was likely to happen in homes behind closed doors, where family life has disintegrated.

Pastor Marshall Smith, from the Pilbara Aboriginal Church in Roebourne, traces the breakdown of families back several generations when Aboriginal people were allowed into licensed premises, and booze and violence infiltrated family life.

Others are reluctant to accept the scale of abuse reported, and wonder why their town keeps being singled out when police and child protection authorities say Roebourne's problems are not unique.


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