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Aareal Bank is a leading provider of financing solutions and services, with a focus on the property industry.

These objectives are to be primarily achieved by improving governance and financing of social services; that should result in increased access to basic social services, in particular for women; and improved quality, efficiency, affordability and sustainability of services.

The programme has 5 principal policy outcomes, namely, to (i) further administrative devolution of social services, (ii) improve social sector financing and flow of funds, (iii) promote participation, linkages, and public accountability, (iv) rationalize services and set minimum standards, and (v) encourage public-private partnership.

Ali specializes in economic analysis, entrepreneurship, policy formulation and business models.

He has worked in the private, public and development sectors of Pakistan for over ten years.

To counter these problems, a combination of public and private sector is used, commonly known as Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

As such, an increase in the PPP based contracts or investments in PPP based contracts, reflects a greater level of economic freedom as these contracts increase the role of the private sector in traditionally public sector dominated areas.

Besides various publications, the book 'Alternative Youth Policy' is to his credit.

He engaged in good governance reforms, citizens-government liaison and policy research during a two year period at Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan.

Public-Private Partnership represents a transition from an omnipresent government to a completely free private sector.


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