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Danielle is an angel and Eleanor is human like you." "Partly." I implied. Everything seems to go according to plan until their little brother Taylor realizes that this stranger might be...

Her father, Joseph, is of Americo-Liberian descent, and her mother, Natasha, is Jewish (from a family from Russia and Poland).

Graham's father was a music executive and the godfather of two of Quincy Jones' children.

But, what happens when she is taken out of that world?

I nodded and remember the conversation that Harry had with me about my Mother, Elizabeth. • • • • I was in Zayn's room, talking to him while he was putting clothes away in his wardrobe.

At age 17, Graham participated in a national marketing campaign to advertise Coca-Cola's soft drink Fanta. Y." and Nelly's "Just A Dream" and Diddy – Dirty Money with Usher's "Looking for Love".

Graham appeared in the marketing campaign as a member of the "Fantanas", known as Capri, also known as Strawberry. In 2002, Graham made her television debut on the Disney Channel comedy series Lizzie Mc Guire.In August 2010, The Hollywood Reporter announced Graham was cast in the Universal Pictures dance drama film Honey 2. The film follows a troubled teenager and aspiring dancer who joins a dance crew.The film was released theatrically in selected countries for a limited release and went on to make over million worldwide.In 2008, she appeared in three episodes of the Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana playing the role of a girlfriend to the character Jackson Stewart.Graham has also had notable supporting roles in films such as 17 Again and The Roommate.In April 2009, principal photography was stopped due to schedule conflicts with some of her cast mates and other projects.

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