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The NHS also wastes money by discarding prosthetic limbs, campaigners say.

One amputee, Ray Edwards, was so shocked to discover how many artificial limbs are thrown away after patients die that he founded the charity Limbcare, which sends artificial limbs and other former NHS equipment to Africa.

Despite the fact that approach is actually one of the least important parts of dating, it usually remains one of the most terrifying for many men.

Lots of guys, especially guys who are shy, suffer from approach anxiety, or who are socially inexperienced, dread approaching women the way I dread the hooded figures from the the dog park Many men wish that women would make things easier by being willing to take the initiative themselves.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has found that thousands of crutches, walking frames, sticks and wheelchairs are systematically dumped in skips or never returned to hospitals, costing taxpayers millions.

In one region alone, we discovered a small mountain of mobility aids and other hospital equipment, all seemingly in good condition, apparently destined to become scrap – as our exclusive pictures show.Former Health Minister Norman Lamb said: 'When the NHS is chronically under-funded and operations are having to be rationed, it is scandalous that the NHS is wasting so much money.Managers should investigate as a matter of urgency.'And the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn, Norfolk, loaned 4,618 mobility items last year and refurbished 2,777. She’s hungry, and if you can feed her, she’s going to spread ’em. It’s cheaper and less humiliating than handing her dollar bills.But, despite social progress and the ardent wishes of many, many men, the accepted cultural narrative places the onus on men to make the first move.


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