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Fairy Tales and Lawyers An extraordinary and site examining many aspects of narrative in relation to lawyers, including film, fairy tales, mythology and much more. Folk and Fairy Tales An astonishing 1200 classic tales, arranged in alphabetical order, culled from many collections such as the 'Colour' Fairy books, English Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends of the Sioux, the Donegal Wonder Book, various fable collections, and others.The texts of these classic books are all online, but this page separates out each tale and mixes them together - awkward in one way but useful in another especially if you know the title of a story you want.Dramatas An interesting resource from youth drama classes, but marred by the website being totally broken.

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There are also ideas for creative exercises to use yourself or with others in creating or exploring stories. In Pursuit of the Oral Tradition of Storytelling An impassioned plea for storytellers (in the USA) not to get trapped in the copyright mindset, and recognize the oral tradition for what it is.

The advertised oraltelling email list seems to be defunct.

Probably the biggest collection of storytelling resources on the web, annotated and categorised for easy reference.

Let me know any favourite links that I've missed, or if you find dead ones.

Legends A major resource, beautifully designed and presented.

It gives introductions, commentary, original sources, illustrations and annotated links for many subjects including: Robin Hood, King Arthur & The Matter of Britain, The Welsh Bards, Tales of Gawain, Guenevere, Percival the Fool, Merlin & the History of Britain, Sir Tristan & La Belle Iseult, Elaine of Astolat, Ballads & Broadsides, True Thomas, Tam Lin & Fair Janet, Pirates & Privateers, Blackbeard, Fairy Tales, Classic Tales, Selchies, Shakespeare's Stories, Beowulf, Sagas & Sea-Kings, Sigurd the Volsung, The Viking Age, Paladins & Princes, Knighthood in Flower, El Cid, Roland, and much more.

Mythic Crossroads: Myths and Legends Huge and excellent site, with comprehensive links to mythology sites and resources, divided into British, Egyptian, Greek/Roman, Norse and Other links, plus history sites too.

Myths and Legends One of the best resources, Christopher Siren's epic site has detailed annotations of more weblinks than you could ever eat, regularly updated, and divided geographically into cultures. Nasreddin Hodja Erol Beymen's whole site about the popular wise fool. Over seventy short tales are categorised by subject.

The complete text is here online, divided into chapters.

Each chapter is summarised also, and there's a bibliography for further readiing.

Use your browser's Edit - Find facility to search for any keyword that you might want in the title of a story, as a primitive story search.


  1. I was enjoying how cute this story between two boys who shared their love for rabbits then “boom”, things began escalating quickly. And yeah, I failed to realize that what I picked up was a yaoi manga.

  2. Tiny traces of these isotopes, caesium-137 and strontium-90, permeated soil and plant life and ended up in all postwar paintings through the natural oils used as binding agents for paints.

  3. in the LFAQ section; there are also articles about web site testing and management in the 'Resources' section. Free open source version supports the HTTP protocol, the $pro version supports binary protocols.

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