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In the year 2000 J-Pop had groups/bands disbanding, such as SPEED and Luna Sea, while Aya Shiguro left Every Little Thing.

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J-Rock stars HYDE and Gackt’s film “Moon Child” was aired.

It was also in this year when B’z occupied nine spots in the Oricon Top 10 Singles Chart for the week of April 7.

They have witnessed the debuts of stars that made an impact in J-Pop today, while some of them faded after some time.

In addition, a number of artists from the previous decade are still staying strong today.

For the Album’s Yearly Chart, Orange Range got the number one spot with “musi Q.” In 2006, Johnny’s Entertainment’s KAT-TUN debuted with the single “Real Face” and that single became the best-selling single of that year, as well as the only million-selling single of 2006.

It was followed by Remioromen’s “Konayuki”, the theme to the drama “One Liter of Tears.” Shuuji to Akira’s “Seishun Amigo” stayed strong even after a year of release by placing third in the Yearly Ranking.

Ken Hirai topped the Singles Yearly Chart with “Hitomi wo Tojite”, followed by Mr.

Children’s “SIGN.” On the Albums Chart, Utada Hikaru emerged victorious with her first BEST album “Single Collection Vol.1”, followed by Mr. More notable artists in J-Pop debuted the following year (2005), such as Def Tech, HIGH & MIGHTY COLOR, YUI, SEAMO, UVERworld, Wa T, Angela Aki, AAA, Chatmonchy, and Yuna Ito of the NANA fame.

J-Pop in this past decade had rivalries between its artists, particularly female solo artists for the crown of being the “Queen of J-Pop.” The emergence of more idols produced by huge entertainment agencies, such as Hello!


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