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This piece, and the previous one in this series, was written over four years ago. One was that the use of “flash” or “jump” drives to store cryonics emergency information and procedures on the persons of members was impractical.

The articles which now constitute these first “Last Aid”articles here on Chronosphere were submitted to both the Cryonics Institute and to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. I was told that “No one would know what to do with such a thing dangling around a “dead”or dying cryonicist’s neck – and what’s more, a phone number on a metal ID tag or bracelet puts the people caring for the member in touch with the cryonics organization anyway, so why bother with a jump drive” The second reason given was that cryonics “first aid” was dangerous, and shouldn’t be practiced.

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There it was, the commercial implementation of the very idea I’d been trying to sell cryonics organizations on years before.

When I got home, I logged on to the Internet and sat slack-jawed at the range of USB flash drive emergency medical information products I saw there.

In one sense it is absolutely the case that, with a change in US law, almost all cryopatients are going to be revived.

If human cloning were to be made allowable tomorrow, every cryopatient with an intact genome could be revived, but the question is, as whom?

Under these circumstances cryonics becomes more akin to a ritual, wherein any application of cold to a “corpse” at any point in the decomposition process is deemed not only necessary, but sufficient to assure a chance at recovery.

This situation can only be remedied by detailed information about the damage that results from both warm and cold ischemia, and a clear explication of its likely practical implications for revival, and recovery of personal identity.Fewer still can provide even the barest details about its mechanics and time course, and only a handful of cryonicists would even be able to voice an opinion about at what point in this process they think such damage might become irreversible (short of complete decomposition).Almost none could give reasons as to what constitutes the basis for their opinion.Thus, injury that could have been minimized, or completely avoided, is more likely to occur; and in the worst case, the patient will pass from cardiac arrest into true information-theoretic death.In other words, if you have no idea when bad becomes irreversibly and lethally bad, you have no point of reference, no sense of urgency, and little ability to avoid lethal situations.The final season and the final episodes threw in a lot of twists including an evil British twin, surprise weddings, and surprise pregnancies.


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