Dating a korean boy

He'll take you places, help you shop, be your translator-on-call. But there are many issues to deal with when dating Korean men.

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You can probably expect flowers or silly little gifts.

He will probably get you a beeper and pay for it just to keep in constant touch with you.

As for all other multi-cultural couples out there, the biggest advantage is that you get to experience a new culture, completely different to your own!

Korean guys usually aren’t as the ones portayed in Korean dramas but still they are very romantic.

The newest fashion trends, hairstyles and more – Korean guys know it and live it! From cute couple days each month to couple clothes, there’s nothing left out!

If you are the romantic type, the Korean couple culture won’t disappoint you!

Jeongsu even prevented my clothes from getting dirty when we sat on a bench and put one of his English textbooks on it to sit for me.

He waited for me in the streetcar on my way to school and surprised me.

During university in California, I happened to fall in love with a Korean man.

Not because I “had a thing” for Asians (or maybe a little) but because of who he is.

They started dating in October 2017 and are supporting each other.


  1. Just as important, entering the workforce will teach you valuable life skills such as teamwork, overcoming obstacles, and problem-solving.

  2. But live communication will not replace the letters and words from a certain Internet user.

  3. She sings and writes songs, most notably the song "Lullabye" for the movie Traveling Companion as well as the song "Satellite," which she published on her official web site.

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