Validating text field

Looking at the Create component below, the first thing you’ll see is the definition of which involves passing a key, a name, and a list of rules.

If it’s empty, we can go ahead and perform whatever we need to do to submit the data.

One other thing I’d like to point out is the show Errors flag that exists in the component state.

The name is a friendly name that will be used to construct an error message when validation fails.

The following line sets up validation for the password field.

The next important piece of the Create Account component is the function.

This is the function that is to be called whenever the text in any of the form fields changes.

We call it to construct a runner function that takes the updated state and runs the specified validations against said state.

We haven’t looked at the implementation of the validation rules yet.

is required to have a value, and that value’s minimum length is six characters.


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