Who are the property brothers dating dating at 40s

The two lovebirds are planning a mega wedding this year, and they have often posted about it in social media.

But despite their hypervisibility, they're both strangely mysterious. MUST SEE: 'Property Brothers' Moments You Probably Didn't Know Are Staged Probably the most surprising thing about the twins is their intellect.

Drew Scott is currently dating his longtime girlfriend, Linda.

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Jonathan first met Jacinta Kuznetsov at a charity event in Though he wasn’t able to get her number and talk to her that day, he was lucky enough to find her after six months when he asked her for her number.

Now, they have been together for a year already and Jonathan even says that he definitely sees a future with her.

"In high school, I excelled at problem-solving and calculating so much that I actually completed the various grades of math in just two weeks each," Drew said in 2017.

In addition to being the "smart guys," they're both no longer single either.

but unfortunately, they couldn’keep their marriage together.

Well, Scott explained that after moving to Las Vegas, her job at a day club set in motion a series of challenges that damaged their relationship and they had to go separate ways.They use their convincing prowess to win over the couples who need to set up their new homes.There have been allegations all over the media that the property brothers are gays.Property Brothers is a reality television show that is run in Canada by two twin brothers.They have ventured into helping couples to secure their dream homes.It has also been noted that Drew’s trousers usually tear off during the shoot and this has been captured by the camera.

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