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I didn't feel like anyone noticed me at home," she says.The man, whose name is withheld for privacy, seemed genuinely interested in her.

Most of the time when teens are sexually harassed online, it's kids their age who are doing it.

Most teens who share information and interact with people on the Internet don't get into any trouble. And most kids are not having any sort of issues about these pages," says Janis Wolak, Ph D.

He gave her all the attention she wasn't getting from her family.

Soon, Amanda says he began enticing her to leave her house in rural Illinois to visit him in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Consider the following: Sexting is a relatively new and evolving language comprised of various symbolic letter and number combinations known as acronyms.

Parents are encouraged to keep a list of acronyms (with their respective meanings) handy because they can be code for alcohol, drugs or sex.

Texting, sending pics, posting updates — technology is a great way to stay connected.

Of course, there can be downsides to all the sharing, too.

But as soon as she got to the man's apartment, there was a knock at the door. Amanda had given him her address, so he knew exactly where to find her. Again, her mother tracked them down and Amanda was returned home.


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