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The best known example in this area is Skylab Learning (read the Ed Surge profile of Skylab).

As of August, Skylab is wrapping up first full implementation of a mobile learning pilot partnership with Boston-based Flower Bakery, which has four locations and roughly 40 adult learners in need of improving their English skills.

Another effort, dubbed, Cell-ED, is an interactive voice and text platform for teaching basic skills. Cell-ED is currently embarked on a mobile ESL [English as a Second Language] campaign with the Office of New Americans and Governor Cuomo's office in New York.

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There are also a growing number of programs that use mobile technology as a key part of a broader effort to help adults acquire new skills and information: One America’s English Innovations effort, funded in part by the Gates Foundation, was piloted in 2011-2012.

Students in the 12-week program received free laptops and internet access while enrolled.

Her students – mostly English Language Learners of varying ages – began typing notes into their cell phones.

This alarmed Gaer, given the somewhat complicated process and the limited functionality of the phones her students were using (a mix of smartphones and feature phones).

A large an increasing number of adult ed students have access to smartphones.

In the immigrant ELL community, 80-90 percent have access to smartphones at this point, according to Rosen.

Live Mocha provided the course, called Active English.

The new version of the program would feature a full mobile platform.

“I wouldn’t say it’s taking over adult ed,” says David Rosen, a nationally-reknowned expert on adult education. It’s definitely coming along.” In addition to commercial/consumer products being used in some places (like Lumosity, Duolingo, and Rosetta Stone), there are a small but growing number of mobile sites and apps focused on adult learning programs: One example of a mobile game that already exists is Words2Learn, a vocabulary app for adult learners that allows them to download word lists and exercises onto a phone or tablet and use them offline during breaks or on the way to work.

Quiz results are uploaded when students – some of them are health care students – log on, allowing teachers to monitor progress.

“I see how quickly we’re able to move in adult ed space." One of the biggest motivations moving adult education towards technology including mobile is the arrival of two additional high school completion exams to go along with the GED, all of which have computer-based versions.


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