Updating firmware in belkin router

Click on the browse button and locate the firmware file you downloaded to your desktop.

With the file selected, proceed with the update by clicking on the "update" icon.

Users are encouraged to update to the latest firmware release and to implement strong passwords.

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I can use the Internet when I am connected directly to my cable modem, but I have not been able to install the Belkin software onto my Windows 7 computer. You say in the title that you are trying to install the router firmware on the computer. I am not repeating that you can't, I am telling you that the firmware you downloaded is not to be installed on the computer... Firmware is the mini-OS that is running on the router.

When trying to download the software from the Belkin website, I save the file, but Windows 7 does not recogonize the file type. When you connect to the router's admin panel, you are interacting with that firmware.

CWE-255: Credentials Management - CVE-2015-5988 Belkin N600 by default does not set a password for the web management interface.

A local area network (LAN) attacker can gain privileged access to the web management interface or leverage the default absence of credentials in remote attacks such as cross-site request forgery.

In short, when Belkin releases a firmware update, it makes your Belkin KVM switch run better. Download the firmware installation utility titled "Belkin SOHO.exe" and the firmware for your device. Close all unnecessary running applications, including antivirus software, and then double-click on the Belkin file that you downloaded to your desktop.

Go to and click on the "Support Home" hyperlink located on the left navigation bar. Navigate through the onscreen prompts to install the firmware utility software.

There is no reason you would normally need to do that.

First, unless your Belkin router isn't working to your satisfaction, there's probably no real need to install new firmware for the router. It doesn't matter if Windows doesn't recognize that file type (this is actually the typical case); you can still transfer it over to your router, and it will know what to do with it (assuming your firmware file isn't corrupt or something). The software is generally just a way for the user to easily access the router's settings, although in most cases this can also be accessed using your external IP address locally in a browser. About the software you download- are you sure it's for Windows and not for Linux or OSX?

If you own a Belkin SOHO upgradable KVM switch, you can upgrade your switch's firmware as long as you have access to the Internet with at least one of your computers.

Upgrading your KVM switch's firmware allows you to take advantage of any security enhancements or functional enhancements to the way the switch operates.

Belkin N300 Wireless Router F9K1002v5 (01B) 5.00.08, Jan 31 2013 Back to Dashboard Restart Router Restore Factory Defaults Save/Backup Settings Restore Settings Firmware Update System Settings Self-Healing Optional Software Firmware Version 5.00.08, Jan 31 2013 Check for New Firmware Version Update Firmware Browse Update What are firmware updates?

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