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Diller's company was later acquired by Vivendi Universal, which in turn was partially acquired by NBC to form NBC Universal.

NBC Universal still owns the Trio brand, which no longer has any association with the CBC (and, as of the end of 2005, became an Internet-only broadband channel).

CBC Radio News produces on-the-hour updates for the CBC's national radio stations and provides content for regional updates.

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Under the partnership, in exchange for access to weather-related news coverage from the CBC, The Weather Network provides the national weather reports seen on The National and CBCNN daytime programming, as well as local forecasts for CBC Toronto's weekend newscasts.

Apart from Toronto, weather coverage during local newscasts was not affected, and CBC Vancouver meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe continues to provide weather coverage for the Vancouver-based (primetime) editions of CBC News Now on CBCNN.

Most local CBC stations have retained their weather team to provide local weather information, including: The content partnership with the Weather Network has continued beyond the original one-year period, and has been expanded.

The weather section of has been phased out in favour of forecasts from The Weather Network, and local CBC news headlines are displayed on the latter's website.

In April 2010, the Conservatives accused pollster Frank Graves of giving partisan advice to the Liberal Party of Canada, noting his donations to the party since 2003.

Graves directed a number of public opinion research projects on behalf of the CBC as well as other media organizations, and also appeared on a number of CBC television programs relating to politics.

CBC News is the division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation responsible for the news gathering and production of news programs on the corporation's English-language operations, namely CBC Television, CBC Radio, CBC News Network, and

Founded in 1941, CBC News is the largest news broadcaster in Canada and has local, regional and national broadcasts and stations.

CBC News Roundup (French counterpart: La revue de l'actualité) startet on 16 August 1943 at pm, being replaced by The World at Six on 31 October 1966.

On English-language television the first newscast, part of CBC Newsmagazine, was given on 8 September 1952 on CBLT (Toronto), the only English station then telecasting.

The CBC Ombudsman is completely independent of CBC program staff and management, reporting directly to the President of the CBC and, through the President, to the Corporation's board of directors.


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