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HEAD-HUNTERS BLACK, WHITE, AND BROWN THE SCOTT-KELTIE FALLS, MOUNT DULIT, BARAM DISTRICT, SARAWAK HEAD-HUNTERS BLACK, WHITE, AND BROWN BY ALFRED C. I found, even then, that the opportunities of learning about the pagan past of the natives were limited, and that it would become increasingly more difficult, as the younger men knew comparatively little of the former customs and beliefs, and the old men were dying off. John's College, also volunteered to assist in the experimental psychology depart- ment of the expedition. We had many fights over the descriptions, and always felt very proud of ourselves when one account was satisfactorily finished.

Such being the case, I felt it to be my duty to gather what information I could when not actually engaged in my zoological investigations. We were never satisfied until it can be so done without any possibility of mistake.

Little songs are sung to many string puzzles as they are being played, which may be the relics of some magical formulae.

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Cowling, of Mabuiag, very helpful, not only at the time but subsequently, as he has since sent us much valuable information, and he also deserves special thanks. The warm welcome that one receives is as refreshing to the spirit as the shower-bath is to the body and daintily served food to the appetite when one has been wandering in the wilds. During our stay top-spinning became almost a debauch, and the men played kolap so assiduously every week- day that they had no time to attend to their gardens, and on Saturdays they did not bring in enough food to last till the Monday.

Our visit to Sarawak was due to a glowing invitation I re- ceived from Mr. I have so frequently referred in print and speech to his generosity and erudition, that I need only add here that his University has conferred on him the greatest honour it is in her power to bestow the degree of Doctor in Science honoris causa. Bampfylde, Resident of Sarawak ; on our arrival he was administrating the country in the absence of the Rajah, who was in England ; nor should Dr. In order to render my descriptions of the places and people more continuous I have practically ignored the exact order in which events happened or journeys were made. Arrived Thursday Island, where joined by Seligmann. The Puritan Sabbath is in full force, and none would PLATE III ULAI A TOP-SPINNING MATCH PLATE IV REMOVING SAND FROM A COPPER MAORI A MURRAY ISLAND FEAST AVORK AND PLAY 41 dream of breaking it by getting food on Sunday, consequently numbers of children came to school on Monday morning without having had any breakfast, This made them peevish and inatten- tive, so Mr.

Immediately after his first winter's digging in Egypt with Professor Flinders Petrie, he went with Mr. Randall-Maciver to Algeria to study the problem of the supposed relationship, actual or cultural, of the Berbers with the Ancient Egyptians. Ballantine, the energetic Treasurer and Collector of Customs, proved himself a very good friend PREFACE XI and benefactor to the expedition. James Chalmers deserves special recognition, as does also the kindness of Dr. Chalmers we should several times have been in an awkward predicament. At the critical time, as a top was dying, great care was taken to shelter it from the wind so as to prolong its " life " a few seconds longer.

An interesting exhibition of the objects then collected was displayed at the Anthropological Institute in the summer (1900), and later in the year Wilkin published a well-written and richly illustrated popular account of their experiences, entitled, Among the Berbers of Algeria. He paid particular attention to native medicine and to the diseases of the natives as well as to various economic plants and animals. Sevfv J pre- liminary communications have been published b}, . Musgrave, of Port Moresby, was most cordial and helpful, and we owe a great deal to him. If any words of mine could induce any practical assistance being given to the Mission I would feel most grati- fied, for I sadly realise that our indebtedness to the Mission can only be acknowledged adequately by proxy. At one match we timed the four best tops, and found they span for 27^-, 26f , 25 \, and 24 minutes respectively.

Indeed, it might be truly said that practically nothing was known of the customs and beliefs of the natives, even by those who we had every reason to expect would have acquired that information. Then one of them read out the description while I en- deavoured to reproduce the puzzle from the verbal description alone.

FELLOW OF CHRIST'S COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY LECTURER IN ETHNOLOGY, CAMBRIDGE WITH THIRTY-TWO PLATES, FORTY ILLUSTRATIONS IN THE TEXT AND SIX MAPS METHUEN & CO. I had previously determined not to study the natives, having been told that a good deal was known already about them ; but I was not long in discovering that much still remained to be learned. Generally Rivers and Ray first learnt a particular puzzle, and gradually worked out the description by slowly performing the movements and dictating the processes to me, but I did not watch what they were doing.

There is little doubt that had he lived he would have distinguished himself as a thoroughly trained field-ethnologist and scientific explorer. The book I now offer to the public contains a general account of our journeyings and of some of the sights we witnessed and facts that we gleaned. The Government of British New Guinea did what it could to further our aims. Very pleasing is it to record the brotherly kindness that we received at the hands of the Sacred Heart Mission. The top is spun by repeated slow, steady, sliding movements of the outstretched palms.

I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my thanks to my comrades for all the assistance they have rendered me, both in the field and at home. the A 2 x PREFACE Rajah of Sarawak down to the least important native who gave us information. Unfortunately, His Excellency Sir William Macgregor, K. None of our party belonged to their Communion, but from the Arch- bishop to the lowliest Brother we received nothing but the friendliest treatment. Formerly the tops were spun on pieces of shell, now pieces of broken crockery, or the under surface of a cup or saucer are usually employed.

I cannot enumerate all who deserve recognition, but, taking them in chronological order, the following rendered us note- worthy service. In the course of the following pages I often refer to Mr. We had a most enjoyable visit to his beautiful Residency, and he arranged for us all the details of our journey up-river. We have seen men of all ages engaged in these matches, the grizzled taking as much interest in the performance of their tops as the young men.


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