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The RMAN conversion copies the files from one location to another, even when it does not make any changes to the file.If you have other preferred means to copy those files that do not require RMAN conversion, you can use the When you transport entire databases, certain types of blocks such as blocks in undo segments must be reformatted to ensure compatibility with the destination platform.However, it is not possible to transport a single data file that is part of a tablespace that consists of multiple data files.

Before converting the database, see the list of Confirm that you meet all these prerequisites before attempting the procedure in this section.

One prerequisite is that both the source and destination platform must share the same endian format.

Cross-platform transportable tablespace can be performed between platforms that have the same, or different, endian format.

Cross-platform transportable database is not the same thing as transportable tablespace.

If you are converting part of the database between platforms that have the same endian format, you can use operating system methods to copy the files from the source to the destination.

If you are converting an entire, same endian database, any data files with undo information must be converted.

In this case you are copying an entire database, including the You can transport tablespaces in a database that runs on one platform into a database that runs on a different platform.

Typical uses of cross-platform transportable tablespaces include the following: .

Therefore, you must use command to automate the copying of an entire database from one platform to another.

You convert the database data files on either the source or destination platforms.

Reasons for converting on the destination host include: RMAN enables you to transport data files, tablespaces, or an entire database from one platform to another.

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