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I have not seen that episode to confirm its validity or not.

A.’ will give viewers a candid and revealing look at six boldly different and world renowned mega-pastors in Southern California, who are willing to share diverse aspects of their lives, from their work in the community and with their parishioners to the very large and sometimes provocative lives they lead away from the pulpit.” Those who have viewed the pilot for “Pastors of LA” have offered Mr.

I’ve learned allegedly that Lisa Raye Mc Coy has (for quite some time) been dating Pastor Noel Jones, of Gardena, CA.

, a former Buddhist, is said to be an attendee at the City of Refuge and even as soon as last Sunday was in attendance, donning her famous all-white attire (first lady ready) and sitting in a special section of the mega church.

Allegedly the bride-to-be spilled the beans on Wendy Williams’ show today about her relationship.

Of course it does, dude is his driver he sees everything. ” Damb, is this what you even say to another man about your chick? – His Driver, Bryant “Man just drive the car.” They chuckle….

Basically, this man is scoping your chick, but you know she isn’t going anywhere-so you arent even tripping. They are speaking in jest about a woman who is so serious about being in a relationship with Noel Jones. OMG…she is not getting the ring-until maybe he gets sick. I think a lot came out in tonight’s episode about his upbringing that affects how he thinks about relationships. Doesn’t take 15 yrs to know if someone wants to marry you . God has your husband already but you keep focusing on Bishop and God is trying to tell you NO!Rumor has it that things are quite serious between the two and they are really considering marriage.Also, we hear that Lisa Raye is trying to shop a reality show on behalf of Pastor Jones, called Keeping Up With the Joneses.Continue reading at The Examiner Photo Credits:, joy105I actually like Loretta – but I do believe she puts up a bit of a front like she doesn’t actually want Bishop. I also wonder what happened in his his first marriage? Reply I believe that what they share is nothing more than friendship.Also, in my opinion, I think the Bishop actually likes her as well, but I feel most of his attitude towards the entire situation is influenced heavily on whatever his past marriage was like. Loretta is a woman who is acting out of her emotions if she lets God come in spiritually he can direct her path.I heard the rumors that they had been dating, but all doubt was removed watching this show,” explained our source.


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