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Mieux que « Loft Story », « Secret Story » ou n’importe quelle autre téléréalité : Real Life Cam.

Ce site internet permet d’observer 24 heures sur 24 et sept jours sur sept des gens chez eux grâce à des webcams installées dans toutes les pièces de leur appartement.

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Ellie (): oh thanks sweetie :) You (): He's been missing for 3 days now Ellie (): where so you live?

Il y avait quelque chose d’addictif dans ces programmes sans que je sache trop quoi.

Au fil du temps je me suis lassée, sans trop pouvoir l’expliquer non plus.

Another one, Overridable Impl , overrides the default implementation and provides its own.

Another interesting feature delivered by Java 8 is that interfaces can declare (and provide implementation) of static methods.

Instead, each interface must provide so called default implementation and all the implementers will inherit it by default (with a possibility to override this default implementation if needed).

The interface Defaulable declares a default method not Required() using keyword default as part of the method definition.

Lauren was convicted of a DUI and ordered to report to court at am on Day 1.

Though it was not her first DUI, she claimed she did not have a clinical problem, merely "bad luck." After the end of her shift, Lauren was driving past the Santa Clarita Power Plant on her way home when CTU agent Jack Bauer, pursued by Secret Service agents after escaping from custody, broke into her car and held her at gunpoint. Jack ordered her to drive to an abandoned construction site, where he called Nina Myers and Tony Almeida at CTU Los Angeles to inform them of his situation.

He asked Lauren to retrieve the car for him, and she reluctantly agreed after he reminded her that his wife and daughter's lives were on the line.


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  4. (p) per mile; its average speed should not be less than 12 miles per hour; third-class passengers should be protected from the weather and be provided with seats; third-class passengers should be allowed to take up to 56 lbs of luggage with them, free of charge.

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