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These critiques also don't point out that patriarchy and sexism still exists within many elements of traditional Asian culture.

In other words, these outdated beliefs can be very restrictive and stifling when it comes to the range of options Asian women have in choosing a marriage partner.

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In other words, interracial couples are more likely to be found outside of the major metropolitan areas.

Third, of course, you should not just take my word for it.

These critics point out that in most areas of popular American culture, rarely do you see the opposite happening -- Asian males being the subjects of infatuation or sexual desire by White women.

In fact, these critics point out that Asian males have been and continue to be purposely portrayed as non-sexual martial arts experts, nerds and geeks, or evil villains and that this portrayal serves to eliminate Asian males as potential rivals to White males for the affection of Asian women.

In Table 5.6 (page 49) of the study, they found that when it came to the dating preferences of White women, their first preference was to date a White man, which is not suprising nor uncommon.

But their data showed that the White women in the study would also consider dating men or color, but only if he made As I noted, these theories and criticisms can sound rather one-sided.Whatever the implication, high rates of outmarriages to another Asian of a different ethnicity or in particular, to Whites, has led many sociologists and psychologists to analyze why Asian Americans choose to intermarry with Whites.One theory emphasizes that marrying a White person is the ultimate form of assimilation (see the article on "Assimilation and Ethnic Identity") and signifies full acceptance by White society.When you find that person, his/her race may be one consideration but in the end, I think most people would agree with me that love, a true appreciation of their similarities and differences, mutual respect, and genuine equality are the most important factors.Looking for single Russian women for marriage, love, and romance?Therefore, an Asian American may marry a White person because s/he (consciously or unconsciously) wants to be fully accepted in White society.


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